Academic Program Overview

Academic Program Overview

Our ModelEnvision Academy of Arts and Technology employs the best practices of high school design along with an innovative model that emphasizes the following characteristics:


At Envision Academy, we make sure our students understand that opportunities, incomes, and quality of life can improve drastically for those who earn a college degree. That is why Envision Academy requirements for graduation match California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) system eligibility requirements (A-G approved). We also believe that getting into college is only the first step; The Envision Academy curriculum is also rigorous so that once enrolled, our students have the skills, strategies and mindset to thrive.

Our dedicated College Advisor works closely with all students, beginning in grade nine, and more intensively in grades 11 and 12, to help them to navigate the complex path to college admission.  To learn more about the college-going culture at Envision Academy and how we strongly encourage all students to attend a four year college, see our college prep page.

Project Based Learning

We believe that students learn most effectively when the coursework is engaging and relevant to their lives. Through Project-Based Learning (PBL), our students put their knowledge to work while tackling complex, real-life problems and questions. Throughout each project, they demonstrate mastery of academic content and essential skills in many subjects including: art, math, literature, science and more. Many of these projects conclude with a public exhibition in which students present their work to their peers, teachers and families.

Portfolios and Defense Exhibitions

Before graduating from Envision Academy, students must prove their true readiness to succeed in college through the College Success Portfolio. All 12th grade students work hard throughout the year to assemble a portfolio of their best work and must give a formal presentation and dissertation-style defense in front of a panel of their teachers and peers.  Similarly, 10th graders complete and defend a portfolio to demonstrate they are ready for the 11th grade. Through these capstone activities, our students develop 21st Century Leadership Skills including: Productive Collaboration, Effective Project Management, Clear Communication, and Critical Thinking, skills essential for success in the real world.

Arts and Tech

Envision Academy is not a school that specializes in art and technology; You don’t have to be a computer expert or an artist to attend.  Rather, teachers use art and technology as tools for expression and engagement in the classroom; it’s woven into all aspects of what they teach.  A student might use art to demonstrate understanding of principles or geometry, or create a video on iMovie to show what they have learned in history. We also offer extra-curricular arts and technology classes.

In the 9th grade all students take Digital Literacy and Expression, where they learn a wide-range of foundational computer skills and programs that are used in the modern world.  10th grade students take Performing Arts.

Small, Supportive Tight Knit Communities

Envision Academy prides itself as a place where students are well-known, individual student preferences are honored, and close communication and mentoring characterize student-teacher relationships. Students learn in small classes and often describe the school as being “like a family.”  We are proud to be a school where students can truly be themselves without fear of judgment.


Rather than being assigned one guidance counselor to check in with once or twice a year, every student at Envision Academy has an Advisor who they meet with four times a week. Advisors work with a smaller group of students and serve as their advocate at school.  Advisors help students stay organized, set college goals, and act as the primary contact between the school and families. Students often refer to their Advisory as their “family” at Envision Academy.

Workplace Learning Experience

In 11th grade, all students participate in the Workplace Learning Experience, or WLE.  For ten days, students go to an internship site for the entire day instead of attending school.  To secure the internship, students write resumes and cover letters and practice interview skills.  We encourage them to seek an internship in a field of interest, and the WLE helps many students identify their ideal career (or one they don’t want!).  During the internships, students work with a mentor and complete a project with measurable outcomes.  At the conclusion of their internship, they present their experience in a public exhibition.  It’s a powerful experience that equips students with job search practice, self-confidence and first-hand exposure to a career field.

21st Century Leadership Skills

In all classes, Envision Academy students build connections to specific 21st Century Leadership Skills that are critical toward college and career success. They are to:

  • Communicate Powerfully
  • Collaborate Productively
  • Complete Projects Effectively
  • Think Critically