Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

Student Clubs

Clubs and Activities at Envision AcademyClubs at EA are almost entirely student led, giving students a chance to exercise leadership skills around something they are passionate about.  Students can petition at any time to form a new club, and only need a faculty sponsor who agrees to oversee the club.  We strongly encourage students to create new clubs to explore their interests.  Current EA Clubs include: Yearbook, Step Team, Rock Climbing, Theater Team, Cheerleading, and Chess Club.

Associated Student Body (ASB)

Looking to exercise your leadership skills? The ASB is the best way for students to get active and have a voice in how the school is run.  The ASB is made up of student leaders that drive school culture by organizing activities, dances, spirit weeks, community meetings and student justice panels.  ASB members also host campus visitors and make outreach presentations at middle schools.  Elections are held in September, and positions last the entire school year.

Summer Search

Summer Search is a non-profit organization that finds resilient low-income high school students and inspires them to become responsible and altruistic leaders by providing year-round mentoring, life-changing summer experiences, college advising, and a lasting support network.  Each year, they reserve a handful of spots specifically for EA students, and MANY of our students have had life changing experiences because of their participation in Summer Search.  For more information, go to