Results and Testimonials

“Being a graduate from Envision Academy I have learned a lot, not just what I learned in the classroom but things outside of school, things about society. My four year experience at EA was great. I really LOVED the way the teachers care about their students and the students’ well-being. EA has prepared me for life after high school by having opened me up to not just learning about something in a textbook or from a lesson, but by actually going out and doing it yourself and taking action. I know that I can take that away from EA and do great in college”

– Luis Ramírez Lopéz, Class of 2012


“To me, the best thing about EA is the competency and sensitivity of the teaching staff. The most important relationship for a student is with her or his teacher, when that relationship is connected and strong, the student thrives — and develops a desire to learn internally. My son was not that interested in school, but during the year he became very interested in subjects I never expected, Biology for example, and Spanish. The teachers brought passion, creativity and an authentic personal style into the classroom, my son was so engaged he forgot that he was in school.

The other thing that I love about EA are the end of semester presentations – the exhibitions. We found that these challenged our son to really think about what he was learning in a deeper way, and also to get accustomed to presenting work visually — which is such an important aspect of today’s work place requirements for upper level managers. Also, it gives students an opportunity to shine in unexpected ways.

EA is a place where the individual student is important to the whole community. Students are given focus and attention to grow and develop in areas they never imagined possible. And students are also given opportunities to make repair for misbehavior, which teaches them that they can learn to control their behavior, and that they are not only how they behave, but much more than that.”

– Amy, parent


“Envision Academy is your key to success in high-school, college, and in life. You will walk through doors you never thought were accessible to you. You will be accountable to reach high expectations that will become values to you. EA teaches you much-needed leadership skills that will better you in not just your education or career, but in life itself.”

– Christiana, EA Graduation, Class of 2011