Student Life

Student Life at Envision Academy

Student LifeAs an Envision Academy student, you can expect to work hard, but you can also expect to have FUN. We know that extracurricular activities are an important part of your high school experience, so we strive to offer the same opportunities as bigger schools. Our students participate in a wide variety of sports, clubs and other non-academic programs. We have dances, student leadership opportunities, pep rallies, fundraisers and field trips, giving our students many ways to explore their interests and discover new passions.  If students are interested in activities that we cannot offer, they can start a new club or we will help them find organizations within the community to join.

Community Meetings

One way we create and engage a tight-knit community at Envision Academy is to make sure all students and staff come together at weekly Community Meetings. This time is used to cover important announcements, school business and upcoming events. Community meetings also include spirit competitions, film screenings and guest speakers. They are important bonding times for our community and legendary for producing some of the most memorable moments in Envision Academy history!

Spirit Weeks

Spirit Weeks, which happen twice a year, are the time for students to show their GRADE LEVEL SPIRIT!!  There are dress up theme days, activities at lunch and after school, grade level competitions, spirit points and great prizes.  Students – do you have ideas for the next spirit week?  Talk to your ASB representatives!

Dances and Proms

Envision Academy has 3-4 dances each year – including Homecoming, Winter Ball, and a Valentine Dance.  There is also a Junior/Senior Prom in the spring, where Envision Academy students join with peers from the other Envision Schools and dance the night away.

Field Trips

We know that some very valuable, real-life learning takes place outside school walls, and our staff seeks out exciting and educational field trips to enrich the classroom experience. All Envision Academy students take at least one field trip to a college campus each year, where they learn about college life, academic programs and the admissions process. Individual classes or grade levels will also take trips to a variety of places. Permission slips, signed by a parent or guardian, are required for every student attending a field trip. Specific information and permission slips will be sent home 1-2 weeks before any field trip. Parent chaperones are always needed – please talk to your student’s advisor if you would like to chaperon an upcoming trip.

Recent field trips include Cal Shakes, Destiny Arts, Bay Bridge Construction Site, Slide Ranch, 9th Grade U.C. Berkeley Overnight Trip, and various college trips.

Grad Night

To celebrate their successful completion of high school, EA seniors climb aboard a bus to Anaheim and have their “last hurrah” at Disneyland’s Grad Night.It’s always a great time, and a well-deserved chance for our seniors to unwind before heading off to college.