Apply to Transfer

Apply to Transfer

At the start of each school year, we usually have a few openings for students wishing to transfer into Envision Academy. To apply to transfer, fill out our online application:

2017-18 Application | Solicitud

 2016-17 Mid-Year Application | Solicitud

Along with the application, please submit the following documents from your current school via mail (1515 Webster St. | Oakland, CA 94612), fax (510-596-8905), or email ( Once these documents are received, we will contact you regarding next steps.

  • official transcript
  • disciplinary records
  • attendance records

We encourage all potential transfer students come learn more about us at an Information Session or Shadow Day.


For Mid-Year Transfers | Transferencia durante el año escolar

We occasionally have space for mid-year transfer students. When spots are available we admit students at the start of second semester and sometimes at the quarter to make incoming students’ transition as smooth as possible.

Please fill out our online application and select this school year (2016-17) as the year you are applying for. Then please submit your official transcript, disciplinary records, and attendance records from your current school via mail (1515 Webster St. | Oakland, CA 94612), fax (510-596-8905), or email ( All mid-year transfer students are required to complete an in-person interview.


12th Grade | 12° Grado

We very rarely take 12th grade transfer students. Students looking to transfer into Envision Academy for 12th grade must have the equivalent of 180 academic credits and/or must have taken all but five A-G approved courses. Due to the nature of our program and the College Success Portfolio requirements, it is unlikely that a student entering in the 12th grade will graduate on time. The exception would be a student transferring from another Envision School. We will consider applicants for the 12th grade on a case-by-case basis, and we require applicants to participate in an interview to review your transcripts and explore 5th year options. To begin this process, please fill out our online application.